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Designer Handbags Go Green

Chanel Plexiglass Evening Bag

It’s all about green in various tones and deep dark hues that will make your Fall look fabulous. Pick from army, olive, forest or emerald for a rich appearance. There are many green handbags that pop out to us this season like the Kooba Austin tote, a great daytime tote handbag that will be easy to toss on and go. For evening you can try an exotic clutch like the Bottega Veneta Shiny Python Ayers Knot clutch, or for those formal events be bold in green with the Chanel Plexiglass evening bag. Each of these designer handbags is a different shade to show you the various tones of greens that you can wear out this season. Celebrities are big on green handbags as well. Jennifer Lopez was recently spotted with the Gucci 1973 satchel while she was arriving in Puerto Rico. And Rachel Zoe carries her trusty green Hermès Birkin bag during Fashion Week for a touch of color. No matter what tone of green you wear this shade is perfect for the season, so do your part and be sure to go green.