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Studs, studs and more studs!

This Fall 2009 Season we are seeing studs, studs and more studs from designers across the board. From traditionally more conventional designers, such as Bally and Miu Miu, to fabulously eccentric designers like Alexander McQueen and Alexander Wang, studs are embellishing gorgeous styles in a plethora of finishes, shapes, and sizes. There are bags that are completely drenched in studs from top to bottom and then those that have a sprinkle of studs for that added pizzazz. A stand-out this Fall Season is the launch of Balmain’s incredible handbags, which are magnificently decorated with studs in a variety of finishes and shapes, where the studding on these bags completely covers the front flap brilliantly. And, a sensational example of sparsely drizzled studs is the VBH leather hobo handbag, which is an elongated distinctive shape, where studs are adorning the base of this handbag beautifully. All in all, the look of a studded handbag is spectacular and we hope this trend is here to stay.