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Louis Vuitton Handbags Fall 2009

Lavish, luscious, luxurious are just a few words to describe the Fall 2009 Collection of Louis Vuitton. This distinctive collection presents us with classic shapes with exquisite embellishments that make these bags total stand-outs. With the LV logo consistently embedded in the lavish leathers; it’s the hues of navy, red, pink, and neutrals of taupe and black that give these handbags sass in combination with the sensational gold stud embellishments and bike chain handles. As well, Louis Vuitton created incredible shoulder handbags with fold-over flap closures, a unique square and chain combo appliqué on the flap with a chain and leather handle that ties it all in together. Another exceptional feature that runs throughout the collection is the inner lining popping up and out from numerous handbags, where the leather compliments the base of the bag beautifully, and some of them are even embellished with gold studs. All in all, the Fall 2009 Collection of Louis Vuitton is beyond brilliant and breathtaking.