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Balenciaga Handbags Fall 2009

Classic, elegant, chic is what embodies the brilliant Fall 2009 Collection of Balenciaga. This collection embodies the House of Balenciaga with the intermixing of gorgeous materials and perfect implementation of hardware, which never takes attention away from the stunning shapes and styles, as well as use of leathers. This season, the classic Balenciaga Lune tote handbag comes in a beautiful camel, gorgeous green, and beautiful black leather with two top handles, as well as a front clasp closure and front fold-over flap closure pocket. As well, giving off the same vibe in clutch form, the Lune is offered up in a fresh winter white. Then, taking quilting to a new level, Balenciaga presents several shoulder handbags in stunning leathers and patterns, such as a plaid in green, blue, red and white, with chain handles, and fold-over flap closures. Though, a stand-out in the quilted realm is a stunning light gray shoulder handbag with a crisscross pattern of leather and studs, which are embedded in pin cushion form; this bag is Balenciaga genius at its best.

Going from classic leather and suede handbags to quilted stunners, it does not end there, as there are the Sundays Classic patchwork wonders, which encompass an incredible use of remarkable colors and leathers, such as crocodile and ostrich in a combination of green, gray, purple, light pink, orange red, taupe. Another sensational addition to this Fall 2009 Collection, is the black and white Neoclassic satchel handbag, which is a definite must-have with its overall classic, yet contemporary feel. It is not surprising that Balenciaga has a large celebrity fan base, such as Rihanna, Cameron Diaz, Hilary Duff, and Nicole Richie to name a few. All in all, this season was a tremendous sensation from start to finish.

Lune Bag – Elegant in Emerald

Balenciaga Lune Bag

Sunday Tote Handbag – Patchwork Perfect

Balenciaga Sunday Tote Handbag

Neoclassic Satchel Handbag – Black and White Brilliance

Balenciaga Neoclassic Satchel Handbag

Shoulder Handbag in Quilted Leather - Pinned to Perfection

Balenciaga Shoulder Handbag in Quilted Leather