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Prada Handbags Fall 2008

The Prada Handbags Fall 2008 collection show fun and fresh cohesive fashion lines. The light jewel toned collection is bright and fun with great handbags and clutch handbags of metallic leathers adorned in jewels. This is perfect for cocktails parties, holidays, and wanting to look fabulous at night. Add a jewel handbag to any little black dress to make your look go from simple to fabulous.

This line then transition to hot patent black chain handbags and further evolve to hot satchel handbags and hobo handbags in black with ruching. The latter are great sassy bags to take out on the town and perfect for a fun dinner out. But if you are looking a lively bag in Prada’s signature nylon, then check out the hot nylon zipper satchel handbag with nappa trim. It’s classic Prada with a great updated and fresh look.

Prada Nappa Hobo Prada Nylon Satchel