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Marc Jacobs Handbags Fall 2008

Marc Jacobs Handbags are now synonymous for fashion and style in designer handbags. The Fall 2008 collection shows clean leathers in basic tones and light colors. Lightening it up, this collection shows some simplicity with simple embellishments in the handles and minor décor. Simplicity is great for the Fall season and lighter hues can brighten up a wardrobe that may be dark and subdued during the cold, winter months.

While the designs may be a bit more subdued, the sophistication and elegance in the classic shoulder handbags to the satchel handbags will be staple pieces in a woman’s wardrobe. Marc Jacobs handbags can go with any outfit from lunch to work during the week, or shopping to church on the weekends. Perfect for any woman in her late 20’s to her late 40’s, these handbags will add contemporary class to your look.

Marc Jacobs Clutch Marc Jacobs Satchel Marc Jacobs Shoulder