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Dior Handbags Fall 2008

Christian Dior is a world renowned fashion house today, and creates luxury designer handbags that can stand the test of time. Dior’s Fall 2008 collection contains his signature classic handbags along with great fresh, new styles for the winter season. The new 61 collection was designed to celebrate 61 years of Christian Dior fashions by taking the ideals of the 60’s and combining it with current American glamour.

From sophisticated hobo handbags to bright modish clutch handbags; these designer handbags will add great sophistication and sass for the season and the holidays. Wear the hobo handbag for day or even for traveling during the holiday season. It’s perfect to take on the plane and can fit a sweater, pashmina and more to stay warm when traveling. Or, when going out for cocktail parties, try the bright 61 clutch handbag to spice up the season and be the envy at the party.

Dior 6 Clutch Dior 61 Tote Dior 61 Tote Black