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Balenciaga Handbags Fall 2008

Balenciaga continues to shine with modern unique handbag designs for Fall 2008. Great leather handbags in basic Fall colors are fashionable for every day wear. But Balenciaga pulls ahead of other designers with great pastel colors to brighten the gloom that Fall and Winter can bring. The Cherche-Midi collection adds light to any occasion with a great mix of color and hot chain straps on the shoulder handbag. How to stand out from the rest of the crowd at parties? The salmon colored clutch handbag will be sure to get you noticed amidst the sea of black.

Balenciaga Cherche Midi Shoulder Balenciaga Cherche Midi Clutch
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I love Balenciaga's splash of feminine colors for their Fall collection. It's refreshing to see pastels in the Fall, as the colors are usually so dark. Thanks for covering this lovely collection, I enjoyed the piece.