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Christian Louboutin Cecilia – The perfect day satchel

Christian Louboutin Cecilia Satchel

Spring is all about finding handbags in great colors. Even when looking for basic colors it can be hard to find the perfect shade. The tan color of this Christian Louboutin Cecilia satchel handbag is absolutely gorgeous and one that can last way beyond the Spring season. The soft leather with top pleating gives it a relaxed feel and a contemporary look. The signature Christian Louboutin charm and the metal handle holders are the details that make this satchel handbag stands out and truly looks like a designer handbag.

What to Wear

This is the perfect everyday handbag to grab and go and will be perfect for any occasion. Wear to work with slacks, kitten heels and a great button shirt. Skinny pants, flats and a long shirt will be perfect for daywear or weekend wear. Either way this will be one designer handbag that you will love season after season.