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Burberry Raffia Shopper – Sassy Slate Tote

Burberry Raffia Shopper

The Burberry Raffia Shopper bag is a unique handbag and very different look for Burberry. The pieces of raffia are combined in a zig zag, unpatterned way to really make this handbag stand out. The slate blue color is gorgeous and neutral enough to wear with a variety of ensembles and colors. The handbag is further trimmed in coordinating blue leather that goes up into the handle. The large size is perfect to hold a plethora of items, like your wallet, PDA, make-up bag, sweater and more.

What to Wear

Take this tote handbag out for shopping with the girls and wear a Zero + Maria Cornejo Summer Plaid Wrap dress with Fendi B buckle sandals. You will be sassy and modern with this great look and handbag.

Zero + Maria Cornejo Summer Plaid Wrap dress Fendi B buckle sandals

Handbag Details

  • Designer: Burberry
  • Name: Raffia Shopper
  • Style: Tote
  • Price: $1,395
  • Available at: