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Victoria Beckham Travels in Style with her Loewe’s Tote

Loewe’s Calle Ostrich Tote
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Talk about traveling in style, Victoria Beckham takes this phrase to heart with a recent trip to the airport. She is normally very dressed up for any occasion day or night, but she takes flight with her latest look. The fur jacket is hot hot hot when paired with sassy leggings and platform heels. But it is the handbag that is wow! Victoria’s Loewe’s Calle Ostrich tote handbag is large and in charge and utterly gorgeous. This handbag is what designer handbags are all about. The look, style, and one chic padlock make this a great contemporary handbag.

What to Wear

Now this designer handbag is not an accessory but an outfit all in itself, so be sure to make it look fabulous with a great outfit. Definitely take a page from Victoria’s fashion book and wear with great black leggings, platforms, and a colorful but simple top. Take it out during the day to show everyone you mean style.