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Sienna Miller’s Balenciaga City Style

Balenciaga Giant City Satchel

Sienna Miller’s celebrity style is always changing. She is a style chameleon from hippie chic, to classic, to retro, but she always looks fun and fresh. Especially when she carries fabulous designer handbags, it really adds some sass to her outfit. Take her outfit of a beige coat with basic black look underneath. Simple? Yes. Boring? No. Why? Because she is wearing the ever hot Balenciaga Giant City satchel handbag. Her designer handbag is hot with all the celebrities, but Sienna really makes it stand out against her reserved look. She mixes class and funk with this outfit.

What to Wear

This Balenciaga handbag is a great fun bag to wear out at a hot bar for cocktails or even around during the day if you are walking in the city. If you are wearing it out try some hot PVC leggings, ankle boots, long shirt and short jacket. You are sure to look hot and fashion forward with this hot leather satchel handbag.

Handbag Details

  • Designer: Balenciaga
  • Name: Giant City
  • Style: Satchel
  • Price: $1,695
  • Available at:

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