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Sienna Miller has Rock Star Style with a B. Romanek Clutch

B. Romanek Clutch

While out at the clubs in London Sienna Miller rocks a great youthful style that is topped off by the hot B. Romanek “Rock Star” clutch. She looks fabulous while carrying this crocodile clutch which is very popular in today’s celebrity style. She wears it well and has a great modern look with a short belted print dress, and black heels. This is such an easy look for her that she can grab this clutch and go and look fantastic for an evening out at the latest hotspot.

What to Wear

If heading out to the latest club opening, go for a look like Sienna’s with a printed dress like this Jonathan Saunders Printed Silk Chiffon dress and black platform heels. With this ensemble and the B. Romanek bag you will have chic rock star style.

Jonathan Saunders Printed Silk Chiffon dress black platform heels

Handbag Details

  • Designer: B. Romanek
  • Name: Caiman "Rock Star"
  • Style: Clutch
  • Price: $2,195 (in purple)
  • Available at:

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