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Rihanna Looks Lavish with the Lanvin Pop Leopard Mini Pochette

Lanvin Pop Leopard Mini Pochette
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Looking casual for a day out, Rihanna spices up her day look with a fun printed Lavin Pop Leopard Mini Pochette, a hot evening bag. She wears a light blue sweater dress with heels and tosses this on to rock out her look. This is a fun and playful handbag that is great for a young fresh look, which Rihanna always goes for. It is also small and easy to wear on the shoulder or across the body, making it a great bag to grab and go for the evening.

What to Wear

Take this out with you for a fun cocktail night with the girls. For a more low-key look toss on a Lela Rose Silk blouse with Current/Elliott Legging jeans and black strappy sandals. You will be fashionable and fun with this Lanvin handbag.

Lela Rose Silk blouse Current/Elliott Legging jeans black strappy sandals

Handbag Details

  • Designer: Lanvin
  • Name: Pop Leopard Mini Pochette
  • Style: Evening
  • Price: $1,279
  • Available at: