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Nicole Richie is White Hot with the Balenciaga Weekender

Balenciaga Weekender

Nicole Richie has a flirty celebrity style, always wearing fabulous designer handbags. And as she is a mother and soon to be mom again, she needs a handbag that can handle her needs as a mom and designer and still look chic at the same time. As she travels she chooses the white hot Balenciaga Weekender tote handbag to take with her on the plane. This designer handbag is large in size so that she can carry a large amount, probably including a couple of baby toys and a shawl if it gets cold. While the tote handbag is practical it also looks fabulous in design with the soft leather, grommet details and tassels for some sass.

What to Wear

For a savvy look when traveling in the car or on the plane go for a casual yet sophisticated ensemble. Try a black leather jacket, trouser jeans and printed flats. Top it off with this Balenciaga handbag and it will give your travels a wonderfully stylish look.

Handbag Details

  • Designer: Balenciaga
  • Name: Weekender
  • Style: Tote
  • Price: $1,695
  • Available at: