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Mary-Kate Sasses Up Her Day Look with Dior

Dior Karenina

Mary-Kate Olsen swings about town with this great black leather satchel handbag from Dior. The Karenina Dior handbag adds some modern class to Mary-Kate’s funkier outfit. This satchel handbag is perfect for the work week. Look chic with this designer handbag when running to the office or to meetings, it definitely makes a statement. Simple short handles give it a sleek and elegant look, while the ruching of the leather adds some great design to make it standout from other black women’s handbags.

What to Wear

Pair this Dior handbag with great black slacks, platforms and a frilly blouse for work. This satchel handbag is perfect to take from day to evening, when running from the office to happy hour cocktails. Or for the edgy look, try this handbag on the weekends with great leggings, boots and a casual sweater like Mary-Kate wears here. It’s perfect for those Saturdays where you need a fabulous handbag to just grab and go.


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