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Katie Holmes Undercover Chic with a Fendi Handbag

Fendi Secret Code

Katie Holmes, ever the fashionista, is always keeping her look fresh and sophisticated and does it with great shoulder handbags and this Fendi Secret Code handbag. She even looks the part while she wears the Secret Code shoulder handbag. Her spy chic look, with a great black trench coat and large glasses, takes the name of this bag to heart. With her casual, understated look this designer handbag stands out.

What to Wear

You don’t have to go secret agent to wear this Fendi Handbag. Try a simple look like Katie Holmes with hot black skinny pants, flats, simple tee and flowy black sweater. This handbag is functional with a long strap if you feel like being out and walking throughout the streets of the city, or take off the long strap and go more stylish with just the short handles if you are out for a late lunch. This designer handbag is modern and classy and there is no secret about that.