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Kate Moss’ Lavish Look with Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Suede Asphalt Bag

The chic model shops in style; she looks fashionable with the Louis Vuitton Suede Asphalt satchel handbag from the Sophia Coppola collection. Kate Moss has a sleek, clean look with light colors and chooses the asphalt gray handbag that really stands out and pops. It’s the perfect size as she be-bops around town, and has a minimalistic look with a designer handbag that flawlessly completes her outfit.

What to Wear

This Louis Vuitton handbag is the perfect everyday handbag to have in your closet and to wear season after season. Whether taking this satchel handbag to work during the week or out on the weekends try a great look like Kate’s, which is minimalist savvy. Go with off white or cream top and pants, and fitted jacket and wedges. This satchel handbag will give you a sleek fabulous look.

Handbag Details

  • Designer: Louis Vuitton
  • Name: Suede Asphalt Bag
  • Style: Satchel