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Jessica Simpson's Gucci Chic Dog

Gucci Dog Carrier

Jessica Simpson not only loves to wear the latest designer handbag she also makes sure her doggie, Daisy, is traveling in style as well. What designer handbag goes great with any outfit and makes a dog feel posh? Well it’s Gucci of course. She carries the Gucci dog carrier tote when she travels with her dog. This Gucci handbag print looks great against her jeans, blue tee and fitted navy jacket. Of course when carrying a dog in a Gucci tote handbag, any outfit will look good.

What to Wear

When out shopping with your dog or taking your dog to the vet this designer tote handbag is perfect to give your dog some class. You can add additional comfort with the Gucci travel dog bed to be sure your dog is not only stylish but completely pampered inside. What do you need to wear? It doesn’t matter if you have on simple look like Jessica’s of jeans and tees, the tote handbag dog carrier will give you all the chic you need, and make every dog walking by whimper with envy.


Handbag Details

  • Designer: Gucci
  • Name: Dog Carrier
  • Style: Tote
  • Price: $2,570
  • Available at:

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