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Heidi Klum’s Hot Baboushka Handbag

Gucci Baboushka Tote

Heidi Klum is not only hot on the runway but her celebrity style is hot every day. In a casual yet chic outfit as she travels she dresses up her look with the popular Gucci Baboushka tote handbag. This great Baboushka collection from Gucci Handbags is a decadent line with great details and plenty of gold embellishment that really gives it a regal look. Heidi uses this tote handbag to add some pizzazz to her charcoal dress, leggings and coat. She doesn’t need any jewelry because this Gucci handbag has enough for the whole outfit.

What to Wear

This designer handbag is a perfect tote handbag to have in any woman’s wardrobe. If you are a mother like Heidi Klum and want a contemporary look that doesn’t look too trendy or young then this Gucci handbag is the way to go. The basic black color is a great staple but it also comes in the classic Gucci print. Either way it is perfect for everyday wear to dress up a basic outfit. Try with black slacks tee and a flowy knit sweater to wear during the winter time for work or out to meet friends for brunch. This bag is all you need to sass up any look.


Handbag Details

  • Designer: Gucci
  • Name: Baboushka
  • Style: Tote

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