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Camilla Belle’s Sassy Satin Valentino Clutch Handbag

Valentino Bow Clutch
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Camilla Belle may be a young Hollywood starlet but she dresses like an old pro. Her stylish off-white outfit needs just a touch of color and what better than the metallic Valentino satin bow clutch handbag. It’s sophisticated and adds just a little something to her already dazzling outfit. And this clutch handbag fits her perfectly for premiers or award shows, because who wants to be carrying anything bigger? This Valentino handbag is a great accessory since it only adds to the outfit and doesn’t stand off on its own.

What to Wear

Try wearing this satin clutch handbag for a chic and elegant cocktail party with a short sassy dress, or perhaps to the opera with a long, flowing gown. The metallic color can go against any color dress. The clutch handbag of this size can fit just the basics, cell phone (sorry probably not a blackberry), lipstick and a small mirror. Then again when you are wearing a Valentino handbag you already look good, so do you need much more? Definitely not.