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Ashley Olsen’s Relaxed Style with YSL

YSL Easy Y Satchel
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Ashley Olsen is one half of the fashion eccentric Olsen duo. Ashley is always mixing up her look but definitely takes risks and keeps it fresh. Surprisingly she looks quite conventional here with jeans, simple top and shoes. The thing that does stand out and look fabulous is her YSL Easy Y satchel handbag. In a great navy color, it’s easy to see this is a designer handbag with its luxurious leather. The “Y” design adds a little something to give this bag a chic design.

What to Wear

This YSL handbag is perfect for every woman. Wear this bag if you want to run out and grab coffee, run some errands or just do some casual shopping. Goes great with jeans and a jacket, or toss this designer handbag on a Sunday morning for church with a pencil skirt and sweater. The Easy Y satchel handbag is the perfect bag to grab and go!